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Cultivating One Community 2023 is Back!

Cultivating One Community 2023 is coming back!! 

One2Gration is ready to build with anyone wanting to participate in our third annual community event this Juneteenth!

This year we are looking for community based events, thought leaders and businesses who want to unify the efforts of the community for forward progress. 

A collaborative support with your community initiatives during the second or third week of June 2023 including but not limited to: 

  • Participants in our online digital symposium. 

  • One2Gration community information booths. 

  • Volunteer and Personnel Support. 

  • Technology Community Workshop 

  • Community Giveaways.  

Is where One2Gration wants to plug in with all interested participants this upcoming Juneteenth season! 

To learn more about Cultivating One Community 2023, VIEW HERE for more details. 

Ready to put all hands in? 

Email One2Gration directly with your interests, at

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