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Respocial Legal: Lawyers Needed

Updated: Feb 17

One2Gration Seeking Employment Lawyers

Posted: Feb 17, 2023

One2Gration is soon launching #Respocial media to deliver responsible + social media services. We are currently experiencing high demand for clients who have faced various traumatic events and are in need of representation.

Respocial Legal is our subscription based service for providing leads to lawyers that align with our mission and core values.

We are actively seeking lawyers to support the current demand and the forecast of increasing demand we are projecting due to market conditions.

One2Gration is now available.

You can be one of the first people to participate in the new Respocial Media movement!

Do you love working with others to create a positive environment for everyone?

Are you looking to get involved more and love using technology to do so?

Do you like pursuing passion projects that channel your creativity?

If so, One2Gration Inc. is looking for volunteers interested in supporting the One2Gration and our mission.

Lawyers are needed!

We have an 87% qualified lead acceptance rate with currently 6 cases in the litigation stage and 10 that have reached financial settlement agreements.

Please reach out to us if interested.

Email: for more information.

More About Respocial Media

One2Gration is a new digital community space delivering the consummate way technology should be consumed. As an all-inclusive safe space, One2Gration allows end users to interact with their tailored made community called, "My Circle," in a way that alerts their users if they are in need of support. Not only will users be able to alert their "My Circle," but the application looks to drive users to resources specified for their needs.The new platform, offers a holistic approach to social engagement known as #respocial media, social media with a responsibility and accountability to its end users.

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